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Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church

765 Ashley 70 Road

Hamburg, Arkansas 71646

Sending Church:

Phone: 870-853-5941



Promise Landís Pastor: Bro. Michael Reese


Belize Missions: Bro. Joel Dillahunty



Belize Missions

Central America

Baptizing at 6:30 in the morning.

A new church in Belize.

"Good News Baptist Church"

Belize Missions Blog

Christmas 2010 in Belize

Central America

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Belize Missions Video
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New Church Property and Building,

July 2013.

"Good News Baptist Church"

The Dillahuntys returned to the States in July 2013.

Promise Land Church is excited to be the sending church for the Dillahunty's to Belize, Central America.

The Dillahunty's arrived in Belize in July 2010. Since that time the Lord had open doors in the village of Cattle Landing.

On September 12, 2010, after baptizing four people, the

"Good News Baptist Church" was organized.

The prayer of Promise Land and Good News is for this church to grow in number and be a light in Belize and the uttermost parts of the world.


Field address:

Joel Dillahunty

Cattle Landing

Punta Gorda

Toledo District

Belize, Central America 


E-Mail: Belize Missions - Bro. Joel Dillahunty

Twitter: budinbelize